Tile Repairs

Do you have cracked tiles, chipped tiles, loose tiles or discoloured tiles in your walls, floors, stairs or around the swimming pool? Do you have spare tiles left over from installation? Experts Floor Care have professional & experienced tilers in our team that can assist you with indoor & outdoor tile repairs in Melbourne and replacing the broken/damaged tiles.

Do you have cracked tiles, chipped tiles, loose tiles, discolored tiles, on your walls, floors, stairs, or even in the swimming pool. Do you have spare tiles left over from installation?

While you can fix broken tile yourself, it's often a better idea to use a professional for tiles crack repair in Melbourne. It's so easy to break additional tile or damage hard to replace art tiles by misreading instructions or using improper tools and adhesives. In addition to replacing tile on flat surfaces, a professional tiler knows the tricks needed to replace tile on curved surfaces and can cut tile easily to fit correctly around irregularly shaped fixtures during tile replacement in Melbourne. If for no other reason, consider getting a professional because, if you don't already have the tools, you'll spend about the same amount to get the same result, if lucky.

At Tile Cleaners ®, we have professional & experienced pool tile repair in Melbourne in our team who can assist you with repairing your indoor & outdoor tiles and replacing the broken / damaged tiles.

All our tilers are licensed and insured and we guarantee all of our work.

Tile Cleaners ® is Australia's leading tile care specialist. We are your specialist service for tile & grout cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping & sealing, tile regrouting, grout color sealing, and minor tile repairs. If you need advice on cleaning & sealing your old or brand new floors, or need professional bathroom tile repair in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place .

We can repair tiles throughout your home:

1.Bathrooms floors and walls tiles
2.Showers tiles
3.Kitchen floor and wall tiles
4.Any floor or wall tiles throughout the house
5.Any floor tiles outside the house
6.Tiled counter tops

Stripping and Sealing

After pressure washing it is sometimes recommended to strip and re-seal the surfaces to restore them to look like new.

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Our Commercial Tile Repair Services Covers

1.Building Cleanings
2.After Building, Renovation Clean
3.Insurance Companies
4.Side Walks
5.Store Fronts
6.Power Wash Awnings and Signs
7.Gum and Tough Stain Removal
8.Strip Malls

Our Residential Tile Repair Services Covers

1.Indoor House Floor & Wall Tiles
2.Gutter and Down Spout Wash
5.Walk Ways
6.Step and Porch Wash

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate your need.